Range. That´s my greatest asset as a designer. I am comfortable working with the client who has a preference for the contemporary, the client who has a preference for the traditional and the one who has no idea what he likes.

My range is probably a direct result of my passion for experiencing life, my quest for knowledge and my belief that there is a practical solution to almost any obstacle. Raised by a single parent and in an environment in which the odds were against me, I fought hard to carve a way for myself. And this fight lives in me as a humble force willing to tackle the next difficult thing.

Because of my environment, I had no exposure to interior design as a young person. I didn´t discover this career and my passion for it until HGTV’s popularity in the mid-90s. At this time, armed with an MBA, I was climbing the corporate ladder in Marketing, Communications and Brand Management. But my newfound passion caused me to do an about-face. I began to take interior design classes and transferred to a sales position in order to gain hands-on experience in commercial design… And the rest was history.

My career as an interior designer has been defined by numerous awards and publications and lots of fabulous clients. And these experiences, the work, the people, the quest – all excite me to reach beyond the limits of my boundaries. And thankfully, I have yet to see the end of my range.