Haven at Home

YOUR HOME SHOULD BE YOUR OASIS.  It should welcome you, nurture you and calm you.  If it doesn’t, then you should start by creating one space in your home just for you.  Here are a few suggestions to make your home your haven.


Create multiple uses for a rarely-used room in your home.  Allow a guest bedroom to double as a reading room or meditation room.  Make sure that the room is organized, comfortable and peaceful.  Remove objects that may ignite stress or distraction. In the photo below, I converted an underutilized space in a guest bedroom into a sitting space for my clients.


Create a ritual.  Accessorize the bathtub with aromatherapy candles and spa bath products.  Seeing them in the bathroom will inspire use of your bathtub.  Schedule time regularly to create a candlelit bubble bath and take a time out.  The photo below shows a simple accessory display – the likes of which can be easily incorporate into most bathrooms.


Redesign a room to serve a unique purpose.  If your living room is underutilized, convert it to a “me space” or library.  Incorporate multi-use furniture.  Line the walls with unique freestanding or built-in bookcases.  Add soft lighting, and if possible, a fireplace.  Create a serene, cozy mood for reading, listening to music or enjoying a favorite hobby.  In the photo below, I worked with the client to convert a living room into a music room.  Notice the unique seating arrangement – there’s no sofa.


The changes you make to your home can be as unique as you are and may involve repurposing space, creating a new ritual for yourself or redesigning a space for unique functions. But what you do is not as important as having a clear intention to create a place of comfort, pleasure and serenity in your home that’s JUST FOR YOU.