Health Potion


The August issue of Vogue magazine profiled Ida Keeling, the fastest 96-year-young woman in the country.  In February, Keeling, a petite 4’-8” 83-pound dynamo, set the world record in the 60-meter dash for women aged 95+.

Mrs. Keeling didn’t find her passion for running until age 67, when she needed some relief from the grief suffered by her troubled life.  Her mother passed away when she was a child; her husband died suddenly of a heart attack when he was just 42.  And then she lost two sons, Charles and Donald, to drug-related killings in 1979 and 1981.
As suggested by her daughter, Shelley, a lifelong runner, a business woman and track coach for a Bronx high school, Mrs. Keeling set to train for her first 5K race in 1982; and she’s been running ever since.    According to the Vogue article, Mrs. Keeling says of the experience of running the first race, “’I felt so good,’ she says. ‘I felt the depression was gone.  I felt uplifted.  It was like a health potion to me, now that I think back.’”

To my studioYOU friends, what is your health potion?