Tonya Comer’s LIFEdesign brand is breed from her desire to support others in transforming the areas of their lives that are misaligned with their dreams, desires and potential. As an LIFEdesign advocate, she draws upon her life and career experiences to inspire and advocate for others to have their own personal transformations. Through authorship, public speaking and coaching, Tonya is revered for her insights, inspiration and authenticity.

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As a basis for her advocacy, Tonya shares authentically how she held herself hostage as a victim of her life. As she was rebuilding her life after hitting rock bottom, she searched for help. She found seven things that worked to pull her out of her state of darkness. She now refers to them as “The 7 Power Tools for Designing Your Life.”

Backed by her purpose to contribute to the world’s beauty, she brings her story forward – in a raw and real way – to the dais, to the pages of her book and to her coaching relationships.

Tonya sees her journey as a thread between herself and others. “My gift to others is sharing my personal story of overcoming my own self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. When I share the value of the Power Tools in overcoming the abyss of self-pity and victimhood that I carried for so long, others will be inspired to live bigger, bolder, more powerful lives. I cannot think of anything more beautiful than that… and it makes everything that I went through worth it,” Tonya smiles.

Through all of her work – as an interior designer, product designer, author, speaker, coach and advocate – Tonya is bringing design to life.



Women to Watch™ Media, LLC is a premium global platform for women’s leaders. In this interview, Tonya Comer discusses how her innate curiosity served her well as a child of a single mother growing up in a government housing project in Pittsburgh, PA. Armed with a strong education and diverse corporate experience, she would go on to become an award-winning entrepreneur with more on her mind than design.



Black Entrepreneur Blueprint was created to help educate and inspire black entrepreneurs to launch, build and grow successful businesses. In this podcast interview, Tonya shares how she transitioned from being employee to entrepreneur. She shares authentically about the courage it took to create her own product line and the ups and downs that led to the creation of her “7 Principles for Accomplishment.”



PHL Diversity is a division of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. In this podcast, Tonya discusses business diversity, issues pertinent to the City of Philadelphia and her “7 Principles of Accomplishment.”


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